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Horn Products of Uganda

Kyasande Chain Linked Horn Necklace

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If you've been looking for the perfect statement necklace, this is the piece that's been waiting for you. While most necklaces enhance a look rather than create one, Kyasande isn't like anything else in your jewelry box. Interlinked pieces of ethically sourced Ankole cow horn, showing off the material's many natural shapes and patterns, make this an eye-catching piece that you can build your look around. Each link is hand-carved and sanded, giving the lightweight but durable necklace a classic feel with a modern twist.

Dimensions: approx. 15"L

Your jewelry is made from Ankole cow horn by our horn artisan partners in their workshop just outside of Kampala. Read more here. Ankole is a natural product known for its unique and beautiful variations in color ranging from ivory black to creamy white. The horn for this piece is ethically sourced in Uganda using traditional cultural methods. The uniqueness each horn insures the uniqueness of each piece and ensures your jewelry is truly one of a kind! The animals are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn.