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The Ankole Collection

Ankole cows from Uganda

Known as the “Cattle of Kings,” the Ankole-Watusi is a breed of cows native to East, Central and West Africa. The cattle’s unusual name comes from the local tribes who inhabit the regions where they originate. As an indicator of wealth and tribal status, Ankole cows with the largest horns were owned by kings. 

When measured from one tip to the other, their horns can actually span up to 8 feet. That’s taller than the average man! 

Ankole cows are extremely valuable to the tribes who raise them and the national beef industries. However, due to crossbreeding (to increase milk production) the population of this breed has drastically shrunk.

The horn used to create our collection are a byproduct of local beef industry and supports the utilization of the entire cow. By purchasing this product you are helping to improve the economic value of this culturally significant breed and aiding local farmers to preserve clean indigenous herds for future generations.